Music Voyager Celebrates Atlanta’s Creative Culture

Artist Fahamu Pecou
Artist Fahamu Pecou

Music Voyager, an award-winning, international music and lifestyle travel series, will again feature Atlanta in two episodes for the upcoming eighth season. After a highly successful U.S. debut, the new season will air internationally on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in November. Highlighting the city’s thriving creative class, each episode explores the individuals whose innovative work help tell Atlanta’s stories.

“Continuing to bring attention and notoriety to these amazingly talented individuals is very telling for the city’s level of talent,” said Andrew Wilson, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau. “Atlanta’s artists each have a compelling story and it is inspiring to see how closely connected their community is.”

The first new episode introduces visitors to the performing arts with segments from Atlanta Ballet, Grammy Award-winning Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and GLO ATL whose social interactive artists use collaborative dance as their medium for expression. Beyond ballet, choreography and composing, viewers will also meet street and fine artists Dr. Dax and HENSE along with Dashboard, a duo transforming spaces to create unique works of art for non-traditional artists.

The next episode connects viewers to artists using the city as its canvas. From performance art to DJ Kemit's ‘Sounds of Atlanta,’ the creative community spills into one another creating opportunities for one-of-a-kind collaborations. Along with Atlanta’s growing film and entertainment industry, eclectic intown neighborhoods also shine with 7 Stages Theatre in Little Five Points and Bersharat Gallery in Castleberry Hill.

Music Voyager featured Atlanta in two previous episodes, airing in 2015 and 2016. For more information on Music Voyager, visit